Examples Of Witchcraft In The Crucible

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The crucible I think The Crucible’s theme is witchcraft. The main problem in town was witches or someone having a spell on somebody else. One example on why i say the theme is witchcraft is because Mrs.Putnam blamed witches for all of her kids dying. Another example was that Abigail & the girls were acting strange throughout the whole play & were acting like they were never involved with witchcraft.Finally another reason was that people were blaming innocent people for witchcraft. One reason I say the theme is witchcraft is because Mrs.Putnam kept accusing Rebecca for the cause of her kid dying.Since Rebecca delivered some of her babies, she thinks she made them die by having a spell on her. Rebecca also claims that they made that up , that she didn't kill any of her babies. Mrs.Putnam was jealous of Rebecca nurse's family because Rebecca’s kids grew up to be healthy while Mrs.Putnam died at a tender age. Rebecca nurse did not kill Mrs.Putnam's babies. …show more content…

Also after that day in the woods betty couldn’t sit there and listen to god's words or name and that was a sign of being bewitched.Another wrong act Abigail had done wrong was drink blood that day in the woods.At the end of ACT 1 Tituba had confessed to being a witch because they were going to whip her to death. Also at the end ACT 1 the girls started naming people and blaming them for witchcraft so they wouldn't get caught

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