Explain Why The Crucible Who Was Responsible For The Salem Witch Trials

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Blamed for the Salem Witch Trials The Crucible,written by Arthur Miller, is about the witch trials that began in Salem, Massachusetts and involved several horrors no one would want to experience. People were accused, hanged or even crushed to death while being questioned. Miller describes the horror perfectly and he insinuates that Abigail Williams was the girl to begin the Salem Witch Trials. As the story begins, countless teenage girls from Salem met at night in the woods including Abigail. The woods is known to be the “Devil’s place”, not many people dare to enter the woods. In the Puritan religion dancing is thought of a way to contact the devil. In the beginning, Tituba, Abigail Williams, and Betty Parris were caught by Reverend Parris dancing in the woods with other naked girls; Reverend keeps this a secret until his Betty falls ill to even eat or drink. He decides the only way to have the devil removed from town is to ask someone with more experience with witchcraft. Parris questions Abigail after she tells him to deny the use of witchcraft; he sarcastically asks her if he should tell them about the dancing in the woods (Miller 7; act 1). Abigail caused the trials because Reverend Hale …show more content…

Proctor fell in love with Abigail’s persistent attitude and would come join her at night. Elizabeth knew something was wrong as she felt him distance and casted Abigail out onto the streets since she was their maid at the time. Abigail lied and told people it was because she did not want to be a servant for the Proctors. She became furious with Elizabeth Proctor so much that she went against her own religion and danced in the woods while drinking chicken blood in hopes Elizabeth would die. Proctor told Abigail “Abby, you’ll put it out of mind. I’ll not be comin’ for you more” (Miller 15; act 1) many days before the trial to stop the nonsense she was

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