Fahrenheit 451 By Rat Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 is a well written book, by Rat Bradbury. The genre of this book is Utopias and Dystopias fiction, which is a cross between science fiction and fantasy. The story takes place in a make-believe society in the future, like most Utopias and Dystopias stories. It’s interesting how the author incorporated the title into the story and its significance is huge. It was believed that paper would burn at the temperature 451 Fahrenheit. The main character, Montag, is a fireman who’s responsible for burning books as a profession. At one point, it is described that the firemen’s helmets have the number 451 plastered on it. I believe that the title fits the story perfectly, especially because the story involves the burning of many books. …show more content…

Personally, my favorite character in this book was Clarisse. Unlike many people in the city, she was outgoing and was willing to stand out. Clarisse wasn’t afraid to be curious and learn new things. Most of all, I love the way she viewed the world freely. She even helped change Montag’s impression of the society he lived in. It seems that this was what sparked the beginning of Montag’s long journey. Because of Montag changing, he started to see everything wrong with his life and he finally realized that he wasn’t happy. My least favorite character was Mildred, Montag’s wife. To me she was selfish and a coward, who only worried about herself. She spent most of her time in a parlor, avoiding everything else. I also didn’t like how she let fear control her and how she took her anger out on Montag. It didn’t shock me when Mildred had informed the fireman that Montag was harboring books illegally. I believe she did this due to her fear of getting caught, therefore she had betrayed him. I do understand where this fear came from and why she was scared of getting caught with books in her house, but nonetheless I still don’t like her character. Beatty, I’d like to say, is the main antagonist in the book. He is Montag’s main obstacle. Beatty noticed the changes in Montag and was quick to target Montag as a rebel. He has the need to cut rebellion at is roots and he has a strong belief in the …show more content…

Because Montag was behaving differently than the rest and he started to effect those around him, his actions were viewed as a rebellion. I believe that the author wrote this book to emphasis the importance of literature. He may have wanted people to realize that books shouldn’t be taken for granted and they contain information that people should learn graciously. People usually avoid reading and only read when they are required to. Compared to the amount of people who don’t like reading, it’s rare to find someone who would prefer to read for leisurely purposes. Today you would most likely see people on electronics texting, watching videos, listening to music, or playing games, then reading a book. This book’s impact on me was more logical than emotional. I looked more towards the reasonings of the characters actions. It was surprising that people in this make-believe society were willing to die for books and they had a lot of courage. Beatty’s explanation for why the society’s rules helped me understand a lot more on what was going on. Beatty said that getting rid of books helped prevent people from becoming offended and starting unnecessary conflicts. The author was clever to think up a reasoning such as

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