Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury is the author of the book “Fahrenheit 451”. The book is based off laws that make reading and owning books illegal. Bradbury clarified that the book is not about censorship but how TV is replacing books in society. I think as time goes on books and other things are being made into some sort of technology in hopes of simplifying how we live. Technology could either be the success of our society or the death of it. In Bradbury’s book they replace books with advanced forms of technology. For example he makes the parlor walls some sort of TV like screen that shows them their “families” and gives them entertainment with some sort of videos. In our world today we have a similar electronic, the TV. …show more content…

In my opinion Bradbury was completely right to be afraid of technology replacing books. Although with having the technology for as long as we have I think we know boundaries, and know when to leave things as they are and when something can be changed. Books are used every day all over the world 24/7. We value the books we have and the books that might come in the future. Even though some books will be read on an electronic, we still read and enjoy them. Movies have come a long way since they were first invented but they don’t come even close to a book. Books have a level of detail that is just remarkable. With TV and movies it’s not hard to understand the story line and the plot, but when reading a book you have to comprehend the words you read to be able to understand the story. Book and movies both can give a lesson, but with a book I think they lesson has a greater impact on the reader. To read a book it sometimes takes days, and in those day you are slowly learning the lesson and gathering detail. When finally the book ends and you are left to interpret the message in whatever way you please. .I believe Bradbury would agree that books are a completely different learning and entertaining experience. Bradbury had these concerns of books being replaced by technology around 60 years ago, when

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