Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The fall of Rome is still not known. There are many reasons that Rome could have fallen like, barbarian evasion, political corruption, or inferior technology to name a few. We have seen lots of political corruption in Rome in the past. Rome had just come off the Roman empire falling apart due to a bunch of corrupt leaders. The Roman empire fell apart due to political corruption, environmental and public health problems, and a decline in morals and values. Next, Political corruption tore apart the Roman empire because it was very common and harsh. The throne was often sold to the highest bidder (Guided notes). This evidence supports my evidence by showing how easily you could get into power if you were rich. Most of the time, people with money aren’t good rulers, which would have contributed to the fall of Rome. Later roman emperors were corrupt and poor leaders (Guided notes). This supports my claim because it shows that corrupt and poor leaders could easily get into power. Poor and corrupt leaders usually make decisions that will lead to the fall of an empire. Political corruption could have been the fall of the …show more content…

It is possible that many Romans (especially the rich) died from lead poisoning (Guided notes). Many rich people had lead pipes. Lead pipes were a luxury in Rome but led to lead poisoning then became very common. During the 1300s a plague called the Black Death spread across Europe. This pandemic, which is an epidemic that affects an entire continent, began in Asia and was carried along trade routes into the West. In some regions of Europe, as many as two-thirds of the population died (Discovery Education). This evidence supports the topic sentence because The Plague was a possible reason for the fall of The Roman Empire. The plague wiped out millions of the Roman population. Poor environmental and public health could have been the fall of Rome because of the plague and lead

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