False Confession Pros And Cons

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False Confessions- The Breakdown
Imagine being in court, tears running down your cheeks, watching a family member get their sentencing for a crime that they had no involvement in. Not only were they not involved, but the confession that they made was unknowingly the keys to the lock. From this situation, one can conclude that this situation would be anyone 's worst nightmare. False confession is a problem of the judicial system that occurs often. With every major problem, there is a major solution, thus false confession is a major problem in which could be fixed through video recording.
To begin, false confession has been a major problem in the police world, causing negative implications on individuals. Consequently, false confession is a …show more content…

Weinstein acknowledges the claim that Rob Warden made stating, false confessions are leading the way in wrongful convictions (Weinstein). If one dives down deeper and examines that this is factual, it is a frightful thought that out of all the wrongful convictions there are in the U.S., false confessions are ahead of the pack, leading the way. Carrying on, Weinstien similarly stated, "...In the last 40 years, at least 200 false confession cases have been documented, and that this is almost certainly the tip of a much larger iceberg" (Weinstein). This information is a little piece of the big pie since there are more cases in the more recent years from when Weinstein wrote the …show more content…

Another key factor that is the cause of false confessions is the sociological games that investigators play with a suspect. Moushey insists that Steven Drizin stated that the police interrogation, often tries to confirm the guilt of a suspect rather than figuring out the truth (Moushey). From this, persons are more likely to answer easily to broad questions such as the ones interrogators use to prove the guilt of a suspect, it is also easier to fall into the range of guilt from the answer of the broad questions since it is not as specific. In his article "The Nation; Illinois Poised...", Weinstein reveled that a former commander of a Chicago police district is being investigated for claims that suspects were tortured into confessing at his station (Weinstein). This is one of many tactics that police use throughout the nation to force a confession out, which often leads to the false confessions by the

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