Family Secrets In Tony Palmer's Break Of Day

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The book by Tony Palmer “Break of Day”, is thrilling and exciting but it also tackles so influential themes.

The author expresses his feelings about world issues and many other different topics. He deals mainly

with the themes of family secrets, death and bravery. In the book Palmer shows that every family has

secrets, that death was always very common during war times and living on a farm back when that book

was set and he also expresses his feeling about how everyone shows their true bravery and cowardice in

their own time and in their own way.

In the book Palmer suggests that everyone has family secrets no matter how big or small they may be.

Uncle Jack and even Ada’s family have secrets, for example when Ada says that “None of you …show more content…

Don’t shoot him!” “Stay out of this, Murray,” [Will] said. Even though throughout

the book Murray hated Sid, he decided to brave at the right moment and save his life whether he

deserved it or not. Murray knew what was right and stopped his older brother from killing his arch

nemesis. When Mr Barrett wanted Murray to shoot Paddy he knew he was disobeying his father.

“[Murray] knew [his] father was looking at [him] but [he] refused to look up” Murray was brave but also

cowardly in his own way. He was brave enough to go against his father’s wishes, but he didn’t want to kill

his own dog for the greater good. So Palmer states that the characters were as cowardly as they were

brave many time in ‘Break of Day’.

Palmer clearly shows that family secrets, death and bravery are common and repeated themes in ‘Break

of Day’. The author shows that all the families are sure to have secrets no matter how major or minor

they are, death was repeated and how the characters were barely effected by it and that each individual

person in the book was brave in their own way and in their own time. Palmer shows that repeatedly in

the book these themes occurred, and he wrote the book to show that this did actually occur and it does

still happen to this very

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