Father Son Relationships In Herman Hesse's Siddhartha

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20 million children grow up every year without a father. A father can be the difference between a child going to school, or beginning a life of crime. A proper relationship between father and son can show good development. In Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse uses love, respect, and trust between father and son to show Siddhartha's enlightenment The Relationship between Siddhartha and his father shows many elements of Respect. Siddhartha grows up in a loving household with a father who cares and he knows that which is why he shows the utmost respect when around him, The story first shows this when Siddhartha first realizes he doesn’t want to be a Brahmin, he goes back home to tell his father. At first his father declines, and Siddhartha then respectfully …show more content…

And Herman Hesse shows this by showing their trust for each other. When Siddhartha first leaves home he experiences many trials and tribulations From being a Samana, to going to the city, to almost committing suicide. Who was always there? The Ferryman. Siddhartha trusts him almost like a father, he understands all that he has gone through. He doesn’t see him as just some guy with a boat, he sees him as someone who is wise and is filled with knowledge, like when siddhartha sees him again in chapter 9 he says,“This may be true. But I envy you for yours”(93) this shows how Siddhartha feels as though even though he was wealthy and lived a life others can only dream of he still felt like the ferryman had a better one. Siddhartha show his trust for the ferryman by always looking to him for assistance when he needs it,not only Loves, trusts, and respect him he looks to him for help. Like when his son isn’t showing him any love he asks him “what do you think i should do”(108) showing his trust by asking him for advice to help him with his situation. A healthy father-son relationship is good. Relationships between father and son can show either positive or negative development. And for Siddhartha there’s no difference as a child his relationship with his father was great, and his relationship with Vasudeva was even better, leading him to become enlightened, but because he wasn’t in his child life his son showed the

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