Siddhartha Journey Essay

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The story of Siddhartha tells the tale of a boy who grows up in a wealthy Brahman family. He grows to be intelligent and handsome and is loved by all his family and friends. Siddhartha seems to have everything he could want but eventually becomes frustrated with his life. He seeks enlightenment and believes that the elders in his community have nothing more to teach him spiritually. Much to his parent’s frustration, Siddhartha decides he needs to leave home and find the inner peace he seeks. This will begin the three main stages of Siddhartha’s journey to enlightenment. In stage one, “The Calling” Siddhartha believes he is called to journey with a group of Samanas or wandering ascetics, who train their mind through severe self-discipline. Siddhartha argues with his father after telling him he wants to join the Samanas, but his father eventually sees Siddhartha’s purpose driven attitude and ultimately allows him to begin his journey. Govinda, Siddhartha’s best friend…show more content…
He has nothing to give but the clothes on his back and asks the man for a ride across the river. The ferryman, Vasudeva, invites Siddhartha to stay with him and Siddhartha soon becomes amazed at Vasudeva’s ability to listen, and they learn to listen to the river on which they sit, often. Time passes and Siddhartha realizes that like the river, everything exists in the present. He finally feels at peace. Siddhartha encounters Kamala once again by the river and discovers she has had his child. Kamala was poisoned by a snake and dies, leaving her son with Siddhartha. The boy grew up spoiled and doesn’t want anything to do with Siddhartha. Siddhartha wants to protect his son and teach him the wisdom of the river but the boy runs away back to his town. Siddhartha realizes that he cannot save the boy unless the boy wants to be saved, he would have to experience the enlightenment the river gives, not be taught it, and Siddhartha lets him
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