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1. Should we raise federal minimum wage? A big topic that has been on the news a lot was if we should raise minimum wages or should we keep them the same. Tons of people are working hard but the workers don 't make enough money to make a living they need help from the gov’t to help pay their expenses. Lots of people think that getting a high pay wage will help them and the gov’t because then the government won 't have to spend as much because they would be making more money but people also think that would just hurt them more and make the government spend more because if people make more than the cost of living would go up. In no state can an individual working a typical 40-hour work week at the federal minimum wage afford a one- …show more content…

Side 2 argument 2. A study from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland found that although low-income workers see wage increases when the minimum wage is raised, "Their hours and employment decline, and the combined effect of these changes is a decline in earned income.” They could be getting more money but then their employer might cut their hours. They would be getting paid less money since they are getting less hours to work for. 2 side argument 2 60% of small-business owners say that raising the minimum wage will "hurt most small-business owners," according to a 2013 Gallup poll. Higher wages would make small business go out of business because they would need to pay the workers more, when they might not be making a lot of money because they are already a small business. They would also be losing tons of money by paying workers more than what they already make. Side 2 Argument 3. In cities such as Los Angeles with a limited housing supply, raising the minimum wage but not increasing housing stock would lead to an increase in rental prices as "700,000 minimum wage workers will have more money to compete for the same low inventory of rental units," according to researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles. The cost of things will go up, the houses would cost more so it would feel like if they never got paid

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