Figurative Language In Julius Caesar Act 5 Essay

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In Julius Caesar Act V, Antony and Octavius get together with their army to battle Brutus and Cassius and their army to avenge Caesar’s death. The battle goes on and Cassius’ thoughts gets to him thinking that he is going to lose, so he asks his slave, Pindarus, to stab him with the sword that went through Caesar’s back and killed him. Brutus finds out that Cassius is dead but decides not to make him a funeral in order to not get distracted in battle and gets ready for the second battle. Brutus thinks that he won’t the battle so he asks Clitus to kill him but he refuses then he asks Dardanius, who also refuses, this makes Brutus do the job himself and kills himself with a sword. Antony and Octavius find out about Brutus and decide to honor …show more content…

Figurative Language: “But your words are as sweet as honey--you’ve stolen from the bees and left them with nothing.” 5.1.34 - This quote is a simile because Cassius is comparing Antony’s words with the sweetness of honey to show that Cassius doesn’t know what Antony is capable of but he does know that Antony has a good speech. “If arguing makes us sweat, the real trial will turn water to blood.” 5.1.50 - This quote is a hyperbole because water can’t really turn into blood but it is showing that if arguing makes them sweat then the battle will be much worse. “Just as the sun’s rays turn red when it sets, so Cassius has ended his life in a pool of red blood.”5.3.64 - This quote shows that it is a metaphor because Titinius compares the sun’s rays to Cassius’ blood, meaning that when the sun goes down it’s last rays are red showing that Cassius last rays, blood, was red when he went down. Significant Characters: Cassius: Cassius was significant because he cared about the people that followed him and he asked Pindarus to kill him, with the sword he stabbed Caesar with, to set him

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