Figurative Language In Letter From Birmingham Jail

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In 1963, Civil Rights leader Matin Luther King Jr. was arrested during a nonviolent protest on the grounds of parading without a permit (para 19). As a result five clergymen from the city of the protest, Birmingham, Alabama, condemned King’s demonstration as untimely, arousing unrest in the community, and precipitating violence (para mm). After receiving a copy of the clergymen’s statements, King spent his time in Birmingham Jail writing what is now referred to as “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to address the concerns and misconceptions the clergymen relayed. King effectively breaks down the clergymen’s concerns through appeals of logic such as detailing the process of the protests, and appeals to emotion such as the daily life experiences of african americans and descriptive language. Since …show more content…

To his credit furthermore, he mentions that his father, grandfather, and great grandfather also served as preachers (para 39). In doing so, he solidifies his ability to speak for and from the religious perspective. As a member of the church, he shows that he possesses and in depth knowledge of the scripture, a fact that strengthens his repeated use of biblical examples and references. One of the concerns presented by the clergymen was their view of King as an outsider disrupting their community uninvited. However, King dispels the notion by explaining his position as president of The Southern Christian Leadershit Conference, in which the Alabama Christian Movement is a section. He goes onto explain how he is in Birmingham partially because of his

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