Foreshadowing And Irony In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Have you ever recognized something a society does were they think it is benefiting them but in all actuality is hurting them? This short story is one with a very ironic title. Starting out the reading one would continue to assume this is a very welcoming and peaceful setting but as the reader crosses a certain point and come to realize what is actually happening they will see this is more a story about the end of a life rather than the fresh start of new life. Shirley Jackson masters the use of tone, foreshadowing, and irony that throws the reader a curve ball as they venture further into the story and feelings suddenly change as you learn of an age old tradition of sacrifice that only still exited because of the villagers following it blindly. …show more content…

Right from the cover Jackson uses irony to catch the reader with a titling of “The Lottery”. Coupling that with the description and setting the event in the village square in the beginning of June sets the reader up for a warm inviting happy story. The use of some of the villagers names also play a role in both foreshadowing and irony, for instance Mr. Summers would generally make you think of summer time, bringing life to everything when actually this lottery is quite the opposite. Then there is Mr. Graves which plays into a little foreshadowing with the inevitable need for a grave by the lottery’s end. Mrs. Hutchinson has quite a bit of foreshadowing centered around her character, from being late and Mr. Summers mentioning about it being a shame if they had to start without her to her response of “wouldn’t have me leave m’dishes in the sink, now, would you, Joe” (Jackson, 2016) with the implication they would be left longer than the couple hours it would take for the lottery. The way the setting and tone is presented in this story makes all the difference in the world when one is reading it. With the use of this great writing style it furthers the readers feeling and sensation of actually being present for this

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