Foreshadowing In Macbeth

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The language in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth was used to capture the audience and create a picture that is unlike any other. His powerful words created indirect characterization, dramatic emotion, and mysterious moods. Through the language of this time, William Shakespeare was able to reveal characters in a fascinating way, keeping the reader’s attention throughout the piece.
Shakespeare commonly used different themes to portray distinct moods and actions among the characters. The major theme that was commonly used throughout the play was selfish ambition. After finding out what his future would hold, Macbeth became full of greed as he started to take actions that would elevate him in his power. Working for the crown, Macbeth, with the …show more content…

One way he used foreshadowing in his play Macbeth was through the use of the three witches. The witches’ prophecies gave straightforward hints as to what would transpire later on in the play. One example that occurred early on in the story was when the three witches told Macbeth of his future, stating that he was Thane of Glamis, would become Thane of Cawdor, and then would become the noble King of Scotland. Another example that took place at the end of the play was when the witches raised three apparitions, showing Macbeth his downfalls and what he must be cautious of, letting the readers predict the outcome of the play. A second way that Shakespeare used foreshadowing in the play Macbeth was by revealing the personal thoughts of many of the characters. By the use of language and foreshadowing, the readers were able to predict what that characters will think, do, and say in the future. One notable foreshadowing occurrence in Macbeth was when Macbeth, filled with his innermost thoughts, considers the possibility of murdering King Duncan for his own honorable prestige. There was also foreshadowing when Macbeth heard his own voice in his head while he was killing King Duncan, foreshadowing Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s restlessness and even hallucinations later on in the play. These

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