Frederic And Bonello Character Analysis

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Frederic’s main internal conflict within himself was how to distance himself from the horrors of war. In this quote Frederic was being psychologically tortured, as he was

forced to witness men being executed. Frederic was in a no win situation. If he stayed he was likely to be shot; if he ran he was likely to be shot. He was tired of the mind games he had to endure. Frederic was mistaken for someone he was not, and was very critical of how young soldiers minds only focused on their own glory.The internal conflict within Frederic to escape the war drove him to dive into the river and strip the stars from his uniform.

This external conflict quote was an example of human versus human. The ambulance drivers found themselves in a situation where their vehicle was stuck in the mud and men refused to follow orders to push it out. Soldiers began to flee the area for fear of approaching enemy. Ironically, the men were on the same side, and the shooters were ambulance drivers who were not suppose to add to the casualties, just treat the men. Frederic and Bonello had obviously been psychologically pushed to their limits, and struggled not only with the enemy, but their own. Emotions in war were high amongst all men and they had to release their …show more content…

Frederic, Piani, and Bonello were struggling to assist their hit comrade, Aymo. The senses this quote appealed to were visual, hearing, smell, and touch. The visual atmosphere created in this quote was one of complete panic, as they struggled through the mud and brush in attempt to save their bloodied friend. While they provided medical assistance they continued to hear gunfire in the background, and could smell death around them. The ever-present symbol of rain foreshadowed Aymo’s death. The atmosphere created in this quote was grim, but at the same time it showed a respect and compassion for a fallen comrade as they cleaned him shortly after his

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