Frederick Douglass And William Lloyd Garrison Essay

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Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison were the most famous abolitionists who spoke out publicity against slavery, racial discrimination, and were strong supporters of women’s rights. Douglass himself escaped from slavery and went from courage to freedom. He published his autobiography “The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass,” that is considered works of the narrative slave tradition and life learning lessons that he encountered. The narrative illustrates instances of Douglass courage on his journey. Freedom was not something that was given to him. He had to find it himself and never stopped at nothing until he lived to see the day that slavery was abolished. Douglass had an active involvement to better the lives of African Americans. One of the hardest lessons he had to learn was that the battle for his freedom doesn’t stop and he refused to stop before finding it. Douglass risked his freedom and wrote his Narrative. He wanted to get his message out about the hard life all slaves endured. Garrison helped him …show more content…

His lesson concludes that even though he values friendship, leaving friends behind is sometimes the right decision. Many slaves preferred to stay enslaved rather than leave to a strange place. Garrison played a major role in his life where he helped Douglass raise money to purchase his freedom. In the preface William Lloyd Garrison, present Douglass Narrative as an argument against slavery. He speaks about Douglass own work being truthful in the way that Douglass Narrative affects readers in an emotional way. According to Garrison, Douglass suffered but gained many valuable lessons. The case of Douglass is extreme because his story portrays a young man escaping slavery, understanding what it means to be a slave, becoming educated, and lessons he learned. He was inspired in making slaves free and arguing that slaves are American

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