Frederick Douglass Non Slaveholders

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Who is Frederick Douglass? Frederick Douglass was a man who was raised during the institution of slavery and believed that everyone involved was victimized. Looking back in history, Frederick gave an inside to how and why this statement is true. Slaves were obviously abused physically and were brainwashed about their culture. Slave-owners or slaveholders were corrupted mentally which turned them into evil human beings. The last group affect by the institution of slavery were the non-slaveholders, they grew hatred for black slaves who took or worked alongside them. They grew hatred for black slaves who took or worked alongside them. The institution of slavery no only displayed how brutally slaves were treated but how slaveholders and non-slaveholders …show more content…

Slaves were raised to be disconnected from the world as just an object owned without judgement. “Though separated from the rest of the world;” (Frederick Douglass, 32). They were isolated with no knowledge of the earth or knowledge of their background. Slaveholders had a way of making themselves the only judges who claimed that their actions were correct. In the mind of a slave owner was to keep slaves uneducated for they might overachieve the knowledge and seek revenge. “But slaveholders never encourage that kind of communication, with the slaves, by which they might learn to measure the depths of his knowledge” (Frederick Douglass, 39). How must one feel as a slave not being knowledgeable of anything? The strong statements Douglass announces in his reading were unbelievably distributing. Slaves did not understand their circumstances, did not grow with a family, and did not understand the treatment being received. Being the victim is a hard role to take but being the abuser was victimizing in itself. Slaveholders too were being secretly victimized during this time …show more content…

Non-slaveholders are white people whose occupation included working with black slaves. Now one might ask, how were they victimized? Well, it is a shock for Frederick Douglass to witness the hatred non-slaveholders gained towards colored slaves. White workers who employed with black slaves were encouraged to hate their co-workers of color by the value of slaveholders. All white laborers were absolutely physically aggressive towards black slaves, which started fights on the work field. Why? Unfortunately, it was almost embarrassing for them to announce what they do for living was the same as a black slave. “My fellow apprentices very soon began to feel it to be degrading to work with me” (Douglass, 137). White workers used their bitterness to attack slaves nearly their death because of their existing morals had changed into an inhumanity mentality during the time of

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