Frederick Douglass Perseverance

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Frederick Douglass showed perseverance and GRIT throughout his life. For example, when he was born, he was born into slavery; also he was able to escape slavery even when he fails.
Generally, Frederick Douglass’s parents were into slavery and when he was born, he went into slavery also. Frederick Douglass had a lack of freedom to do anything: “he was the property of a white man” (1). Frederick Douglass went into slavery the first moment, he was born. When born into slavery, the person endured hardship and poverty. Frederick Douglass had to live his life under the control of a white man and was not able to do anything except work all day long. The only thing a slave was able to do was on the orders of the master: “Suddenly he woke to the terrible shrieks of his aunt Hester. Old Master was whipping Hester for spending time with her boyfriend” (12). …show more content…

Escaping from slavery was difficult with all the slave hunters and when everyone tries to make it hard from a slave to escape. When Douglass was a little kid, he always tried to create a plan to escape: “After the Easter holidays, Frederick’s friends when released from jail by their owner and taken home” (41). Douglass risk his life and the lives of his friends to escape to a free slave state. When a slave gets caught, they get sent to jail and it depends on their owners on the punishment. Douglass know that creating a plan to escape will be difficult and not getting caught was harder because not many slave are able to escape slavery. Even when he was close to escaping, he feared getting caught: “But he still had two boats and two more trains to his destination, New York City” (51). Frederick Douglass was determined to become a free man. Frederick Douglass was able to face and achieved any hardships or struggles that came his way. Through his determination, he was able to escape slavery throughout the many years he tried to

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