Frederick Douglass Used To Show The Evils

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Frederick Douglass was a slave that was treated horribly, and witnessed first-hand what horrible treatment slaves got from their white masters. He tells of many stories in which African-American slaves were beaten or shot to death for the tiniest things. Douglass wrote an autobiography, not only to tell others of the miserable treatment, but to show that slaves were treated immorally. Because Frederick Douglass’ purpose was to show the evils of slavery and how it affected a wide spectrum of people, he showed that young slaves were mistreated as well as old slaves and that females were subject to abuse just like the males. Frederick Douglass was born and raised a slave, which means that he had personal experience in what slaves went through because he went through almost the same troubles. Slaves had to get up super early to start on their daily chores, which …show more content…

Douglass(1845/1995) tells of a story of a slave girl who accidently fell asleep while she was supposed to be babysitting the baby and the baby started crying which woke the mistress up and she got beaten to death by the mistress (pg. 15). This story was evidence of a cruel death that was unnecessary and the mistress did not even get in trouble because they thought that she had the right to do that. It does not matter whether a person is black or white there is no logical reason to kill them, especially for a small reason like accidently falling asleep while babysitting a baby. Back in the days of slavery slaves were treated horribly wrong and whites were so cruel as to treat them as if they were animals. Many white people treated their slaves worse than animals were treated which put slaves even below animals. No matter anyone’s skin color, treating anyone as inhumanly as slaves were treated was a horrible

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