How Is Frederick Douglass Relevant Today

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The Narrative of Frederick Douglass is a very great perspective for people of today to understand what it was like to be a slave in the 1800’s. It tells the story of the slave Frederick Douglass and how he began as an uneducated slave and was moved around from many different types of owners, cruel or nice, and how his and other slaves presences changed the owners, and also how he educated himself and realized that he shouldn’t be treated so poorly It was at the point later in the book that I realized how some slaves might have felt during slavery in the 1800’s. When Douglass is sent away to Mr.Covey he is treated pretty badly but eventually he stands up to Mr.Covey and demands that he stopped being treated like an animal. It was unique in Douglass's case because he taught himself to read and write and as a result he realized that he shouldn’t be treated the way he currently is. Obviously today slaves don’t exist but if you go around New York City and go to a poor area a majority of the people there are black. This isn’t really racist it’s fact. A lot of people don’t give black people opportunities to work and as a result many live in poorer areas. However many are still successful. Racism exists today but is not nearly as bad as it was during Fredrick Douglass’ time period More related today what …show more content…

It just Makes no sense. What makes sense to me however is how she got to thinking that belief. I realized that Racism in America is really bad. So bad that this girl felt the need to bleach her own skin just to become normal because having different colored skin isn’t

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