Friedrich Nietzsche's The Tree Of Life

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Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher, essayist, and cultural critic. Before he started to been philosophize, he started his vocation as a classical philologist. Friedrich Nietzsche was born on 15 October 1844 and passed away on 25 August 1990 at age 55. Nietzsche 's body of work is related extensively on art, philology, history, religion, tragedy, culture and also science. The term of his writing is about philosophical polemics, cultural critism and poetry. In his writing also tend to aphorism and irony. Some dominant elements of his philosophy which is radical critique of reason and truth in favor of perspectivism, genealogical critique of religion and Christian morality, his aesthetic affirmation of existence in …show more content…

The film known as American experimental epic drama, film and it chronicles the roots and meaning of life by means of a middle aged man’s childhood memories of his family living in 1950s Texas, interspersed with imagery of the pedigrees of the known universe and the origin of life on Earth. This story a Midwestern family in year 1950. It is about adopting life journey from eldest child, Jack , that over time while still small until grow by adult disheartening, when he tries to reconcile with his father, 'Brien O. Jack feels the soul is empty in a world that is modern every. At the same time, he attempts to seek answers and life mean, while at the same time, he also asks his faith. This film is telling us about the our life and we thought that related to the of human nature. Tree of life can be defined a mysterious and supernatural tree surely understood all through many cultures, going back to antiquated circumstances. Diverse races and religions call it by various names, each having its own tree of life in their mythologies. They all have comparative implications as the wellspring of life in their separate societies. Besides that, the symbol of the tree of life contains all the parts of the tree itself and what those the components mean. For instance, as a human we have the roots, the trunk, branches, leaves and sort of organic product originating …show more content…

I believe that the Mr. O’brien’s are character that represent of the philosophy of Nietzchers in good and evil. Mr. O 'Brien says beauty at dinners, asks in chapel and notices tithing each week. However, his perspective is basically Darwinian. It is because more than once he tells the boy that you will fail in case you 're "too great," since individuals will abuse you. Indeed, even his play is Darwinian, he shows his boy the hand-slapping diversion and constrains them to figure out how to battle. His genuine god might be cash, and his confidence is self-assurance. As his expert yearnings disappear from him, he fights with his significant other and threatens his youngsters. At the point when business removes him from the house, it resembles an occasion for the boys and their mom. It is harder to state how Mrs. O 'Brien typifies effortlessness. She is a model mother, delicate and pardoning, additionally latent. At the point when pressures bubble over in one unbearable family dinner and Mr. O 'Brien lashes out at his children, his significant other can 't secure them or control him rather he limits her. It 's squeamishly convincing, however, we appear to be solidly under the boot of nature, with no indication of the otherworldly force of

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