GMO Persuasive Essay

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In the article, The Battle Over GMOs, the author, Alessandra Potenza, addresses the controversial topic of producing genetically modified food. GMO stands for Genetically modified organisms, these organisms have their DNA combined with another species to acquire a desired trait. Modifying foods allows for a faster production, larger quantities, a longer shelf life and more bug resistant crops, which could be the solution to ending world hunger. But GMOs are also seen as Frankenfoods that hurt the environment, and us. GMOs are and will continue to be a beneficial resource for mankind. Genetically modified crops are key to farmers. Farmers depend on GMOs, “Marlaina Johnson, a 16-year-old who works on her family dairy farm in Orange, Virginia, says that GMOs are key to farmers. Her family depends on the genetically modified corn and soybeans they grow to feed their 170 milk cows” (Potenza, 7). Genetically modified crops are used for more than just produce, they also feed livestock. GMOs also reduce the use of insecticides (a harmful substance used for killing insects), “bug-killing crops are beneficial because they reduce the use of insecticides, which can harm people and the environment” (Potenza, 7). Bug-killing crops have reduced the use of harmful chemicals on crops. GMOs help farmers. …show more content…

Scientists are changing the DNA of animals too, they’ve created “a salmon engineered to grow to market size in about half the time of a regular salmon” (Potenza, 7). This will allow more fish and soon other animals to be raised and provide food for our growing population. They are also, “growing crops that can survive dry climates” (Potenza, 7). Being able to grow crops in dry climates opens up huge areas that were previously unusable for farming. GMOs will be an effective solution to the lack of food for the growing human

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