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Galatians Galatians is the ninth book of the Epistles written by Paul to the Christians in Rome in the city of Galatia. Paul has taken the time to write this epistle because of all of the things that were happening in Galatia at the time. It is believed that this epistle was written sometime between 54 A.D and 57 A.D. (Bible Dictionary & Concord) In Galatians Paul is concerned with the people converting from the Jewish belief over to the Christian belief, and that the people are following the law according to God’s will. Paul is trying to let the people know that whatever God they have been praising or worshipping before is not the way, there is only one and He is God. Because historians believe that because of the theme of the letter the time …show more content…

The letter of Jude was written to the Jews, Gentiles and all Christian people of that time period. Jude was troubled about the actions of the people. Jude wanted the people to turn against their carnal ways and back to the spiritual word and works of God. Jude wanted the people to stop their selfish ways, of consenting to the flesh and not the spirit. He wanted to the put prayer stronger back into their lives. He wrote to let them know that following the doctrine that has been written was the best way for them. Jude wanted the people to not just say that they were Christians he wanted them to act like they were …show more content…

The Decapolis was a group of ten cities on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire in Jordan, Israel and Syria. (http://www.followtherabbi.com) The earliest list of the ten cities of the Decapolis is Pliny's, which mentions Scythopolis, Pella, Hippo, Dion, Gerasa, Philadelphia, Raphana, Canatha, and Damascus. (http://www.newadvent.org) This city was mentioned only three times (Matthew 4:25, Mark 5:20, 7:31) in the Bible and it was said that Jesus visited this city two times during his time on earth. During one of the visits to Decapolis Jesus casted out the “legions” of demons from a man (Matt 8:28-34). Once the demons were cast out the man was sent on his way to spread the word about Jesus. This is how the word is usually spread, once people found out the mircles of Jesus crowds and followers he was surely to come. These cities were known to have worshippers that were of the Jewish faith; however, there were those that were of other religions called Pagans that believed in God’s teachings. Jesus did travel across the sea to fight against the evil that was in place in the city of Decapolis and bring his message of coming together and love one

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