2 Peter And Jude Comparison

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2 Peter and Jude are books found near the end of the New Testament. The authors of these books are Simon Peter, the apostle, and Jude, the brother of James and the half-brother of Jesus. Jude was written in about A.D. 65, and 2 Peter around A.D. 67, both during the reign of Emperor Nero. They are often simple “grazed through” by believers because of their shortness in nature. However, an intricate study of these works beneath their surface reveals many hidden gems. The two books are often said to be complementary, working hand in hand to bring a specific message to the Christian audience. This essay will be a discussion into the similarities between 2 Peter and Jude.
The first similarity noticeable between these two books is their format. These books are letters addressed to believers. They both contain a greeting, a body and a closing statement. The themes of these letters, which will be discussed in detail later, are also similar: they are to warn the church about incoming dangers and to remind the Christians to remain strong in the faith. They both end their letters by glorifying God and the Lord Jesus Christ. However, to analyze the similarities of these books in an efficient manner, it is vital to understand the …show more content…

Jude only came to believe that Jesus was the Son of God after His Ascension, his lack of faith during Jesus’ ministry leaves to show how he was still ignorant and in need of the Spirit’s enlightenment. As for Peter, he was impulsive and often let his emotions get the best of him. One example would be when he refused to accept Jesus’ prediction of His death and earned himself a stern rebuke from the Lord. Another would be when he denied having known Christ out of fear (John 18:17). The truly inspiring part of their story is that God chose to overlook these weaknesses, and through His amazing grace, He used them just as they were for His

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