Neal Caffrey Argumentative Essay

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USA’s series White collar introduces a modern day detective Neal Caffrey. Alleged art thief bond forager and now White color consultant, is working with the FBI to catch alleged white color thieves. Caffrey is the perfect detective because he is so hard to question. He is smooth charming and sophisticated. Neal is the perfect con man. His smooth con style helps him be the best modern day detective consultant, the FBI could have. “Neal is charming sophisticated and is considered to be one of the worlds most elaborate con artist ”. “Neal was an elusive white-collar criminal before FBI agent Peter Burke eventually caught on to him.” “Neal is know for his brilliant out of the box thinking and ability to talk, lie and charm his way out of anything”. His …show more content…

Entertainment weekly’s Ken Tucker Pronounces Caffrey a God saying: “the con man works with G man series is already well oiled machine which is both good and bad. Good because the interplay between Matt Bomers hipster and criminal and Tim Dekays square fed is crisp; bad because the plots are often wilted” Matt Carter blogged on in December of 2014 “about the season finale of White Collar and weather Neal Caffrey were to live or die on his last mission”. Peter is being tormented knowing that he could have done something to keep Neil safe. I don’t want to spoil the show and tell you how it ends, but know that Neal is smart and very good at get jobs done and “scoring

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