Dan Torf Argumentative Essay

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Dan Torf was a proclaimed “baseball geek” with a dream of becoming the GM of the New York Yankees ever since he was in high school. He knew the most random facts and statistics of the MLB that not many people would even think of. Because of this passion for baseball and the fact that he knew he wanted to work in sports, he applied locally to schools with Sport Management programs and was grateful to get into UConn.
During his time in college, he had many internships, including one that I also had the pleasure of committing my time to, the Connecticut Sun game day internship. Although most of his internships were held at minor league baseball teams in ticket sales, he also had one with the New Jersey Nets, which he said, blew up his head a little bit in terms of getting a career in sports later on. As he applied for many major league and professional sports team with the expectation of getting them after working for the New Jersey nets, he came to the realization that he had to start smaller and began applying to every Minor League baseball team on the MiLB website. He received a call from …show more content…

He said growing up, he wasn’t very smart and not much was expected of him. Because of this, he was determined to prove everyone wrong about him, and the underdog was able to out-sell his co-workers in renewal sales in only his second season. His current motivation is lacking because he feels that the organization he works for doesn’t truly care about him and his work, so he says his motivation is to search for new jobs where he may be appreciated more. He enjoys the flexibility of minor league baseball, but is interested in pursuing careers in football or basketball because he says that once you work in a sport, you start to get sick of it, and he doesn’t want to be sick of his favorite sport of baseball

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