Harvest Dome Essay

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When talking about the church, a person must keep in mind the rituals that are performed usually by said churches. Sometimes these rituals are traditional, but you must not forget that the church does attempt to avoid such practices unless they were to adapt to such a stale lifestyle. To do this churches use genres to help impact the action going on in-/outside of the church—by that, of course, churches also vary in actions. Johnathan Swales tells us that, “a discourse community utilizes and hence possesses one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims” (221). The church most dearest to me is none other than Titus Harvest Dome. To offer Titus Harvest Dome as a discourse community, I have to address our genres. Utilizing this understanding of a discourse community, we need to determine genres that make up Titus Harvest Dome. …show more content…

With this in mind Bazerman cuts up his definition of genres into categories; the ones that are better known and/or used are “genre sets” and “genre systems.” A genre set is the collection of types of texts someone in a particular role is likely to produce, so try to think of it as a person making the text. A genre system is compromised of the several genre sets of people working together in an organized way, plus the patterned relations in the production, flow, and use of these documents. However, there has been little speculation on the importance of genres in the church when it comes down to the course of assimilation. In this essay, I am going to explain how Titus Harvest Dome (THD) using genres, such as notes, helps make the transition of being a Christian easier. To understand THD’s purpose, you would have to look at the genres that go into it. For instance, a common type of genre in our church would be

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