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Galileo was born on the fifteenth of February in Pisa Italy. He came from a family of 6 children, with him being the first born. His mother was Giulia Ammannati and his father was Vincenzo Galilei. His father was a musician and music theorist. When Galileo was 10 his family moved to Florence. In Florence Galileo started formal education. The first school he went to was called the Camaldolse Monastery in Vallombrosa. When Galileo was 19 he started to study medicine at the University of Pisa. Although he went to study medicine he fell in love with physics and mathematics. It was at Pisa that he first was exposed to Aristotle’s view of the world. This world view was the only one the Roman Catholic Church accepted. At the beginning Galileo was in support of Aristotle’s view of the world view (“Galileo's Battle for the Heavens”). …show more content…

He supported him self with small teaching positions. He still continued to study math. While he was supporting himself by teaching he started his 20 year study on objects in motion. He then published a book called The Little Balance. With this book he was opened to the opportunity to teach at the University of Pisa at only 25 years old. While teaching at the university he started conducting experiments. Then in 1592 he started teaching at University of Padua which is where his brother that he cared for went to school. His father died which is why he had to care for his brother. Galileo met a women named Marina Gamba in the 1600’s. He had three kids out of wedlock; two girls and one boy. The children were named; Virginia, Livia and Vincenzo. He never married the mother of his children. At the age of 78, Galileo passed away in Florence, Italy on January 8th 1642. Many years after he died popes started to accost his theories and realized how much he really did contribute to understanding science and the universe better( “Bio of

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