Galileo's Argument Essay

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In a letter to Cristina of Lorraine, the Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Galileo gives a perfectly sound and rational argument as to why the church should not be charging him as a heretic for his belief in the heliocentric model when the bible is going against what they see with their own eyes. Furthermore, Galileo argues that, contrary to popular belief at the time, the bible should only be used to help us understand abstruse concepts and what is needed for salvation, not to explain the natural world. In a lot of ways, Galileo’s argument paves the way for separation between church and state, as well as the age-old conflict between science and religion that is still discussed even till today. However, what I found interesting here is that Galileo actually believed that his beliefs went hand in hand with the bible. He tries to justify his beliefs according to the bible by arguing that God gave us a brain in order to …show more content…

In order to repair this problem, Sieyes demands that the third estate have true representatives in the Estates-General selected by the people and an equal amount of representatives to the other two orders together. Both of these demands seem very reasonable, especially considering that the third estate made up about 95 % of the population of France. Additionally, as Sieyes also mentions in his pamphlet, why is it fair that the nobles and the clergy are simply born into a higher class and have more rights and advantages than the people who are born into the third estate? Everybody is born and created equally and should have an equal amount of rights. Descent is not a fair determining factor of class and representation. As Sieyes preaches, everybody in France deserves to be represented equally. The ideas represented in this pamphlet had an immense influence on the French Revolution

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