Murray V Shirley Jackson Cyberbullying

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The defense argued that although after Murray gave Jackson his regular prescribed drugs, Jackson was upset because he was not receiving the drugs he wanted, so he lashed out and grabbed another drug that was in reach. The media and the people question this statement mainly because doctors should not leave the room while there are drugs in reach of a patient, especially when he is physically unstable. The defense kept arguing Jacksons unstable voice recording about his upcoming show, but failed to say how he got this sick. Although Jackson constantly used prescript drugs, he was not that ill until Dr. Murray allowed him to take these drugs that had a negative impact on Jackson. To back up this information, “Nutritionist and holistic nurse Cherilyn Lee “tells the court she warned Jackson . . . No one who cared or had your best interest at heart …show more content…

. .” (BBC). Jackson was not pleased with Lee, so he decided to find a doctor who wouldn’t say no, Dr. Murray. Sources told ABC news, Jackson’s fingerprints did not appear on the bottle, which means he could have not administrated the drug himself. Although this conspiracy appeared on the news it was not talked about throughout the trail. During the entire trial majority of the defendant's witness’s body language during their testimony was abnormal. Especially the four women who Murray had phone conversations through the phone, during the minutes leading up to Jackson’s death. “Phone records show he made several calls during the critical period during which Jackson should have been closely monitored, prosecutors argue.” Take Dr. Murray’s girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez the actress for example. To

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