Winston V. District Attorney Case Study

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In the case of Jesse Winston vs. the District Attorney, our initial response was one of shock and despair. There was no doubt that Jesse Winston had killed his wife of fifty six years, Annie Winston age seventy nine, but was it murder? There was a great deal of mixed emotion in the room. The entire courtroom was filled with tears, tears of compassion, and tears of pain. Maybe he was taking medication that may have altered his thought process? It was the only rational that we could come to initially; being that he just killed the woman he loved his entire adult life, the one he walked down the alter with, the one he had children with, grandchildren with, and made a life with. Our feelings were of sadness, that he thought this was his only …show more content…

Euthanasia by definition is “the act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, a person or animal suffering from an incurable, especially a painful, disease or condition.” (3) In animal euthanasia “The euthanasia solution is specially made to act quickly and painlessly but it must be administered intravenously.” (2) Euthanasia of animals is a process of putting them to sleep, albeit permanently, still putting them to sleep. Why is a dog more deserving of leaving this world peacefully than a human? We were shown pictures of the crime scene, of the blood after the shot, and the brain matter that was on Jesse and where they sat. Where was the compassion at that point and when was it a point of no return? Prior to Mrs. Winston being shot she had to see the gun to her head; surely this must have provoked feelings of great nervousness. We then thought of the last facial expressions they must have exchanged. Were they looks of love from one to another? Was there a tearful goodbye? We wondered, was she even in a state where she could recognize him at that point? Did she even know or remember what she has asked him to

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