Why Is George Milton Wrong

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Georgie Milton did something not many people have the guts to do, he took the life of his best friend to save him from the torture that awaited him, but, he took the life of another man and he took this life with the intention of murder. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, there is no difference between euthanasia and murder; and to this indictment, George Milton has pleaded not guilty. If I am to prove him otherwise, you must find him so. Lennie Small has been described to us as a caring giant. He had no bad intentions; and it is fair to say that our witnesses have provided us with sufficient evidence to support my argument. George, was in a sense, Lennie’s caretaker. Lennie was never diagnosed with a medical condition, but he was stupid. …show more content…

He has provided information that indicates he shot Lennie Small out of self defence, when we have the testimony of Candy proving that George had stolen Carlson’s gun and had to kill Lennie himself. He has deliberately told us that Lennie stole Mr Tyler’s luger when there is more than enough evidence to contradict that. If you were to not agree that he is morally wrong for killing another human being, he is guilty for committing perjury. He has given his oath to speak nothing but the truth, but instead, he lies in the one situation where telling the absolute truth will be the most beneficial towards him. Currently, euthanasia is illegal in America, and neither was it during the 1930’s. For this crime to be considered euthanasia, Lennie Small would have been terribly ill with no chances of survival. For it to be mercy-killing, Lennie Small would have physically given George the right to kill him. For it to be murder George must have killed Lennie with the intention of death. A reasonable man would not exculpate himself of criminal charge for that conduct. It is your duty, as the jury, to pronounce only appropriate punishments and that I hope you return with the right

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