Why Does George Kill Lennie

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What was the point of George killing lennie? Is that any different than a person killing someone because they accidently did something wrong? At the end of John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice and Men, George decided to kill lennie because he didn't want curly to get him first but maybe he was being selfish. Instead of killing lennie he could have killed curley.Therefore Georges decision is not justified because nothing is worth losing a friend for.

Just like all the other guys in the farm George now has nothing because he got rid of Lennie. Lennie was the only good thing he had in his life so now that lennie is gone george will be alone. Candy had his dog since he was young and George had lennie. “No,”he said softly. “No, I couldn't’ do that. I had ‘im too long.” ( John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men 45).The other men were jealous because they had something. The other men did not. This is why killing is never justified because lennie and george were best friends. …show more content…

He was also human! Killing another human is never right. I do understand that george was trying to protect lennie but killing him is certainly not the right way to do it. Lennie may have problems with accidentally killing things but george didn't have to kill him for it. George promised to protect lennie and by killing him George broke that promise.”Him and me was both born in auburn. I knowed his Aunt Clara. She took him when he was a baby and raised him up. When his Aunt clara died, Lennie Just come along with me out workin’. Got kinda used to each other after a little

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