George Milton Killed Lennie Small Essay

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In a legal standpoint George Milton would be guilty of the murder of Lennie Small. George Milton is guilty for what Lennie Small went through, George Milton verbally and mentally bullied Lennie Small throughout the book Of Mice and Men and George Milton shot Lennie Small in the back of the head with a lugger which was stolen. Which brings me to my first point on how George Milton is guilty of verbally and mentally bullying Lennie Small. The reasoning behind my accusation, Is George Milton always would tell Lennie Small how dumb and retarded Lennie Small was. Quoting out of the book Of Mice and Men Chapter 3 ; pg. 41 George Milton Calls Lennie Small “dumb as hell and retarded” this statement was told throughout the book. Then later in the book George Milton states “ If I was alone I could live so easy, I could go get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble. No mess at all, and when …show more content…

On Chapter 3 ; Pg 40 George claims that he should have let him drown in the river that one time when George Milton told Lennie Small to jump into first. Later on down the road George says “that it would damn good if you were hit in the head by a horse” which could mean that he wished he was kicked in the head so that Lennie small would have died in the impact of the kick. Therefore leading me into my next point of how George Milton Executes Lennie Small with a lugger. Legally George Milton is guilty, It was clearly premeditated and there's no way it was an act of self-defense. Carlson owns the Luger, but everybody assumed that Lennie stole it when he fled the ranch. Carlson is in the clear because he is with all the other men when the shot is fired. Which would make George Milton guilty of the killing of Lennie Small. As stated in the book Chapter 6 ; Pg 106 George pulled the trigger of the lugger shooting Lennie in the head. Then continues with his normal life Chapter 6 ; Pg

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