The Pros And Cons Of Active Euthanasia?

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Steven Hawking, the British physicist asked “We don't let animals suffer, so why humans?” The controversial issues of euthanasia started from 5th Century BC. The Hippocratic Oath prohibited physicians give a lethal drug to anyone, not even if asked for. However, most ancient Greek or Roman physicians ignored. They supported for voluntary euthanasia as opposed to prolonged pain. This essay suggest that active euthanasia should be supported. This essay elaborate the statement in three argument. Firstly, according to utilitarianism, active euthanasia can produces greatest net pleasure and happiness. Secondly, some philosopher Mary Anne Warren and Frances Kamm states that the practice of active euthanasia is kind and merciful, which allow people …show more content…

Euthanasia means “a good death” and “dying well”. A good death means dying with peaceful, painless, lucid and loved ones gathering around. Euthanasia defined as the termination of ill people’s life aim to reduce suffering from incurable and painful disease. Euthanasia classify into two major types, included passive and active. In passive euthanasia ill people dead by withholding of common treatment, such as antibiotics. In active euthanasia ill people dead by using lethal substances deliberately, such as lethal injection. Each type subdivided into 3 subordinate types, included voluntary, involuntary and non-voluntary. In voluntary euthanasia ill people initiatively request for their own death. Involuntary euthanasia ill people wants to live but is killed anyway. Non-voluntary euthanasia ill people are unconscious or unable to make a meaningful choice between living and dying, and relative and doctors takes the …show more content…

Secondly, philosopher Mary Anne Warren and Frances Kamm states that the practice of active euthanasia is kind and merciful, which allow people die with dignity and without suffering. Philosopher Mary Anne Warren compared the severely mutilates newborn baby to a broken horse. She pointed that the baby should be killed and let him released form the painful. Frances Kamm support active euthanasia, also support physicians assisted patients commit suicide. As long as the patient is a functioning, responsible and rational person, death can be beneficial to shorten their life. Before discuss the human right to die with dignity, first to discuss the human right to die. Indeed, there are not a specific declaration of right to die, right to die is an extent of the right to life. The right to life is not a right simply to exist and is a right to life with a minimum quality and value. Death is the opposite of life, but the process of death is part of

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