Pros And Cons Of Voluntary Euthanasia

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Do you assent that people who encounter some fatal diseases and do not want to endure pain can have voluntary euthanasia? Voluntary euthanasia, the practice of a hopelessly ailing and suffering person asking for terminating the life in a relatively rapid and painless manner, has been the most controversial moot point that spawns numerous discussions in the recent few decades. I propose that voluntary euthanasia should be legalized so that anyone who struggles for the desperate disease can have the right of practicing voluntary euthanasia.
Every individual has liberty and is an autonomous person with the right to self-sufficiency and independence. The right to choose is underlying and employs to all elements of “human life,” so each individual has the right to elect the circumstance of the own death. Every individual has the right to choose to end the life if the situation is completely intolerable. If a …show more content…

However, if it is for God to determine our death, then the practice of medication must have been wrong. Another antagonistic towards voluntary euthanasia often claims that acceptation and legalization of voluntary euthanasia will inevitably lead to involuntary euthanasia. They are afraid that voluntary euthanasia will be abused and misused. Nevertheless, after appropriate procedures and safeguards are installed to offer maximum protection for patients and doctors involved, the rate of involuntary euthanasia have enormously decreased in Belgium and Netherlands where voluntary euthanasia is legal. In Belgium, they together account for 3.2%, 1.5% of all death in 2001 and 2007 respectively In the Netherlands, the rate less diminished from 0.7% in 2005 to 0.4% in 2007. Hence, this statistics indicate that the precautions against involuntary euthanasia are capable of reducing abuse and

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