Argumentative Essay: The Right To Die

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The Right to Die has been taking effect in many states and is rapidly spreading around the world. Patients who have life threatening conditions usually choose to die quickly with the help of their physicians. Many people question this right because of its inhumane authority. Euthanasia or assisted suicide are done by physicians to end the lives of their patients only in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana, New Mexico and soon California that have the Right to Die so that patients don’t have to live with depression, cancer and immobility would rather die quick in peace. One reason why patients would want to end their life with euthanasia is because of their disorders and immobility to get around and enjoy things. Euthanasia is a physician assisted …show more content…

Brittany Maynard has been fed up with the government making medical decisions for her and patients in the same situation as her. This is what was on her mind “How dare the government make decisions for terminally ill people like me. Unfortunately, California law prevented me from getting the end of life option I deserved. No one should have to leave their home and community for a gentle death.” She has set things right for terminally ill patients in California. After her death, California lawmakers plan to pursue the right to die legislation. Before she died, she said how hard it is to end a life of pain. This impacted lawmakers and citizens to start fighting for this right. However, patients are denied the right to die in a peaceful manner through euthanasia. Terminally ill patients have right to die through refusal of medication such as withdrawing a respirator and refusing food and water until dying in about ten to twelve days because of their religion. Being a Christian has a lot to deal with this, especially physicians because the tradition doesn’t allow murder and that only god decides what to give and what to take. It’s hard for them to take their own life because of their own religion. Christianity has a role in both patients and

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