Essay On Euthanasia In Canada

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Name: Yasamin Sadeghi Should Euthanasia be Legal in Canada? “A society that believes in nothing can offer no argument even against death. A culture that has lost its faith in life cannot comprehend why it should be endured.” -Andrew Coyne. According to Cambridge dictionary, euthanasia, also called assisted suicide, is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. Although many think assisted suicide should be legalized in Canada to avoid violation of Freedom of Choice Act, I strongly disagree with its legalization. Permitting euthanasia prevents advancements in care facilities for the terminally-ill, leads to non-voluntary use of euthanasia and diminishes society’s respect for life. To begin with, …show more content…

It is believed that once practicing physician-assisted suicides becomes an acceptable concept in society, the next steps will easily be taken toward unethical actions such as involuntary euthanasia. Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Medical Ethics at Georgetown University claims that our healthcare system is too obsessed with costs and principles of utility. He defies the belief that the slippery slope effect is no more than a prediction, by reminding the outlooks and inclinations of our society. Furthermore, he believes there comes a day that incompetent patients and those in coma won’t be asked for their permission to use euthanasia. The Netherlands is another example of such misuse. Over the past two decades, Dutch law has evolved from acceptance of euthanasia for terminally-ill to chronologically-ill patients; it progressed from physical illnesses to psychological illnesses and finally, from voluntary euthanasia to involuntary. As you can see, non-voluntary euthanasia will emerge as soon as euthanasia practice is legalized; it will be unstoppable because it is always going to be justified by doctors, politicians and

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