Explain Why Australia Should Regulate Euthanasia

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Why Australia shouldn 't regulate euthanasia / Should euthanasia continue to be illegal in Australia.
Good afternoon teachers and fellow classmates
Imagine a society where people live in constant fear of their lives. Where hospitals don 't treat people for their illnesses but kill them instead because someone determines that their lives are no longer worth living. Where we no longer struggle to accommodate peoples sensibilities because the disabled are simply disposed of, before they become a problem. Ladies and gentlemen it is precisely this kind of society that is waiting for us, if we openly embrace the concept of euthanasia. The term 'Euthanasia ' comes from the Greek word for 'easy or happy death '. It is one of the most controversial …show more content…

It is suggested that Euthanasia will provide 'Death with Dignitary '. I believe that every person has the right to die knowing that he or she is loved and that their doctors did everything they could to make them well and comfortable. I believe that palliative care is the best option for patients who want to die in dignity and we should instead think of ways of helping people who suffer which don 't involve encouraging them to end their lives. The Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities contains twenty basic rights, one of the rights being 'Your right to life ' where every person has the right to life and to not have their life taken. By allowing euthanasia into our country we are defying these basic rights. Australia should not regulate euthanasia. It is by no means a solution to human suffering and only disrupts the normal pattern of life and leads towards creating a more violent and abusive society. Life is a gift and not a choice, and practices such as euthanasia violate this vital concept of human society. If euthanasia is a threat to one person in this country it is a threat to us all. When will someone else decide that your life is no longer worth living? As I close please consider these words by Dr.Peter Saunders "The right to die can easily

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