Essay On Euthanasia In Canada

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It is an honour, ladies and gentlemen, to stand before you today and present my case against the legalization of Euthanasia in Canada. I shall surely take advantage of this opportunity to give my true and faithful opinion on this matter of Euthanasia. Let me, however, make it clear that I have no hidden agenda and that I speak only for myself. There is nothing here than what you see. I can, therefore, allow my mind, with the experience of my studies of philosophy and as a psychology major, to play over this term which raises pressing and insightful questions among legislators, health care specialists, their patients and indeed you and I. Euthanasia is ‘’the art of painlessly putting to death persons suffering from incurable conditions or …show more content…

Therefore, supporting euthanasia is a stab in the back of our principle of doing no harm. My position is that reacting to a person’s pain by silencing their cries shows a lack of compassion or empathy or love for the human race (Polysyndeton). The fact, ladies and gentlemen, is that the request for euthanasia is mostly to relieve psychological suffering, as the physical pain can be minimized using medicine and palliative care. Minimizing psychological suffering can be done either by portraying the right attitude towards the patient or helping them come to term with their condition. Some might say doctors give drugs to patients to relieve pain and the patients eventually die. This is not euthanasia, as the doctor’s intention is to relieve pain, not to kill the patient. In Netherlands, there are people dying for reasons never expected when the law to legalize euthanasia was passed. People with depression, autism or blindness seek euthanasia. The number of patients with dementia who seek euthanasia grew from 43 in 2012 to 97 in 2013. Minors are even allowed to choose euthanasia if they get their parents’ permission. It would be heartbreaking if Canada results to

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