John Steinbeck's Arguments Against Euthanasia

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Imagine that your dog suffering unimaginable pain. The vet has no way of relieving this terrible state she is in. Her eyes look so sad. Hearing her moans are unbearable. She's restless and can't get comfortable no matter which way she lays. She can no longer eat and all her bodily functions are failing. Anyone who loves her pets would not want her to continue living life like this. Killing another person can be a justifiable act the case of euthanasia, military ethics, and George and Lennie.

Euthanasia is a humane way to end the life of someone suffering. For example,” Advocates for physician assisted dying said it is important for people who are suffering intolerable pain to have the option of dying as dignified as possible” (Warren). …show more content…

For other words, “ People who threaten to harm the innocent thereby forfeit their own right not to be killed” (Misurelli). This quote proves anyone who stands in their way maybe legally harmed. Therefore, “ The country has the right to defend itself against aggression by both national and international laws....” ( Frank). With is in mind, it is their duty to keep citizens safe.

George’s act of killing Lennie was a justifiable act because he didn't want Lennie to suffer. In this case, “ I’m gonna shoot the guts outta that big bastard myself…” (Steinbeck 98). This passage shows that George didn't want Lennie to have a painful death. Important to realize, “ An’s’ pose as they lock him up an’ strap him down and put him in a cage, that ain’t no good, George” ( Steinbeck 97). In other words George never wanted Lennie to be treated poorly or be harmed, he wanted Lennie to be cared for, but since he killed Curley's wife they are no out looking for him. George can no longer protect Lennie, he rather end his life with happy feelings, than to suffer a terrible death.

To conclude, killing is justifiable when it is a better of two outcomes. If dying is inevitable the less painful way is preferred. Even though, killing morality wrong, when asked, most people would want painless way out. Our future people should not be in pain when their natural life

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