Gangs In The Outsiders

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When people make choices that could drastically change their life, the decision they make is based on the influence of others. In the novel, The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton a gang called the Greasers is stereotyped for being the "mean types" that slack off at school. Then there are the Socials who are know as the rich kids with cool cars that happen to like "jumping" Greasers. As these two gangs are rivaling, they both go through some dramatic events that change their perspectives on life. In the novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton the character Darrel Curtis is unquestionably influenced by his gang as it prevents him from being successful, leading him to becoming the father of the gang, and overall being someone to look up to. …show more content…

Darry gave up his future so his gang can have a better one, and because of that choice he had harder responsibilities, ". . . and Darry, getting old before his time trying to run a family and hold on to two jobs and never having any fun . . ." (Hinton 43). Consequently, Darry has to do more than average to be the parent of a gang, and this leaves no "me time" for the Curtis. Darry is taking all procedures to become a parent guardian because he knows if better parenting is implemented in these teens' lives then their future will change sanguinely, so Darry will put his gang in front of anything changing Darry's perspective in everything. Having to care for 8 more kids can influence the way anyone plans out their life which is why Darrel is influenced so significantly by his only family. During Ponyboy and Johnny's time at the church they realized, "We rarely fought among ourselves-Darry was the unofficial leader, since he kept his head best. . ." (Hinton 89). Darrel is the eldest in the gang meaning he felt responsible for each member; he always wants to make sure they are okay and are not finding themselves in consequential trouble. In short, Darrel Curtis could have treated the Greasers like a couple of mischievous kids on the street but instead Darry took the job of caring for them creating a friendship

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