The Great Gatsby Thematic Essay

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Gatsby Thematic Essay In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, lots of connections are drawn through various thematic subjects presented in this novel. One of these connections is between love, wealth, and social status, which are all very prominent subjects within The Great Gatsby. The relationships between various characters within the pages of this written work make one message very apparent: Love can be regarded as flimsy and deceitful when it is dictated by one’s wealth and social status. The relationship between Daisy and Gatsby and the events surrounding it are very indicative of the aforementioned sentiment. When they first meet, they did love each other, but their social class’ separated each other, physically and mentally. Daisy didn’t want to marry a man who came from rags and is a general nobody, she wants to marry someone who is wealthy and inherited money. That’s why she married Tom. He had money and social status, but he was arrogant and abusive. In Daisy’s eyes however, that was more than enough for her. This trio of characters all had a color associated with them that helped to shape their personalities. Daisy is shown in a lot of yellows because she is wealthy and is of “old money”, and inherited her wealth. Gatsby, on the other hand, is shown in …show more content…

Whether Daisy didn’t want Gatsby as her “main man” because of his lower social status, or how Tom wanted someone to fool around with, that being Myrtle, no one can quite find the “perfect” person to fit their needs and desires, thus they felt the need to branch out and have other lovers to help satisfy their needs. The whole book can be seen as portraying a simple, yet powerful message: in order to find true love, you have to look past the apparent things on the outside that are appealing, and look down into a person’s heart to see what they’re really

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