Gatsby Thematic Themes

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Gatsby Thematic Essay In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, lots of connections are drawn through various thematic subjects presented in this novel. One of these connections is between love, wealth, and social status, which are all very prominent subjects within The Great Gatsby. The relationships between various characters within the pages of this written work make one message very apparent: Love can be regarded as flimsy and deceitful when it is dictated by one’s wealth and social status. The relationship between Daisy and Gatsby and the events surrounding it are very indicative of the aforementioned sentiment. When they first meet, they did love each other, but their social class’ separated each other, physically and mentally.…show more content…
Unlike like the last two relationships, Nick isn’t dirt poor like Wilson, and Jordan doesn’t seem to be as wealthy as Daisy or Tom. However, they were still separated by the vast difference in their social status. Nick truly did love Jordan at some point in time, and the same can be said about Jordan. They had shown affection towards each other often, and got farther than the other couples, but at the end of the day, Jordan was just out of Nick’s grasp. Jordan is also shown in yellows and golds like Daisy, indicating inheritance, while Nick isn’t shown in any colors, but that’s only because he is the non-judgmental mediator of the events around him, and doesn’t need a color to be assigned to him, but I digress. Because Nick is hovering between low and middle class for social status, Jordan was someone he couldn’t have ever reached, similar to how Gatsby would never be able to have Daisy no matter how hard he tried. Another stark contrast between Gatsby and Nick was that Nick took it much better than Gatsby did, honestly, Nick didn’t even seem to care that much, but that can be chalked up to how the story isn’t really about his personal
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