Technology During The Gilded Age

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The Gilded Age was an age of industrialism. Due to the newer and more updated technology, production was sped up by at least double the speed as men. Machines allowed more to be done in a decreased amount of time with a maximized amount of production. The large plants and industries allowed productions to grow, but with the machines the productions jumped through the roof. Industrialists could now make more profit while spending less on hard labor. The amount of jobs decreased as the number of machines increased. Although the new and improved machines could do more work than man, the machines still had to be run by man. If it weren't for the new and innovative machinery, the productions of steel, kerosene, and the light bulb would not be reached to everyone who demanded it. Although the hard-labored workers were very good at what they did, the machines cut down on having to pay salaries to each and every worker. The Industrialist were very stingy with their money and were always on the lookout for ways to make more, and waste less. …show more content…

So this was a big first step in American history, the technological impact during the Gilded Age played a very big role on what the United States is today. If it weren't for the skyscrapers built in the Gilded Age there is a possibility they would not be apart of our world today. Therefore if the new and improved machinery and industries that were introduced in the Gilded Age, although seemed like a bad things in the view point of the men who lost there jobs to machines, were very great impact on the world as we know it

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