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Pain Project I was talking to Mrs. Salvador and we were talking about natural remedies she mentioned how a potato has a lot of medicinal properties including reducing inflammation and that when used as a poultice can be used to treat inhibit infection, and inflammation, as well as a slight pain relief of soars and burns. She also told me a story about how there was a missionary that she knew who was in the mission felid and a patient came in whose whole body was covered in burns and wounds. The doctors told them that she was going to die but they didn't give up. They made potato poultices out of 100 pounds of potato and changed it every four hours. And that person walked away from those burns alive, and with minimal scaring. I thought that it was pretty interesting that just a potato has some significant medicinal properties. So I decided to give it a try, after I just got home my mother screamed and when I went down …show more content…

However there are glycoalkaloids in potato and I was unable to find conclusive research as to whether it is the same for glycoalkaloids but morphine is a derivative of alkaloids. It is possible that glycoalkaloids also have part of that analgesic effect that is used to make morphine and as a result could have a slight analgesic effect. But I was unable to find any research backing that up. To make the potato poultice first I rinsed the finger for 2 min in water to clean the wound. Next I took a raw potato and shredded it and spread it onto a clean pice of 4x4 gauze. I then folded the gauze over the grated potato and placed it on the wound and covered it with a bandaid and finally saran wrap. This was left there for 4 hours and then changed. After changing the poultice it was left overnight and in the morning the poultice was taken off and the sore was once again cleaned with water and finally

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