Goldschmidt's Modern Day Muckraking?

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Modern Day Muckraking
“In 1979, Goldschmidt, who as mayor had won national renown for the development of the downtown bus mall and the city 's then-revolutionary light rail, was tapped by President Jimmy Carter to be Secretary of Transportation” (Jaquiss). Neil Goldschmidt was a very successful politician, but he was hiding a very dark secret that the people of Oregon deserved to know. Should the type of person, who raped a 14 year old girl for three years, be considered someone that the people of Oregon look up to? This is just one of the questions Nigel Jaquiss addressed in his article about the affair between Neil Goldschmidt and a 14 year old girl that occurred from 1975-1978 (Jaquiss). Muckraking is a form of investigative reporting
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The article was released on May 12, 2004. The article was written for the newspaper that Nigel writes for, Willamette Week (Jaquiss). “For his investigation exposing a former governor 's long concealed sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl” (Jaquiss). The investigators mostly interviewed people that had connections to or knew Goldschmidt or the girl, who they referred to as Susan. This was the best way to get opinions and information from lots of different people (Jaquiss). The investigation’s goal was to expose Neil Goldschmidt for his sexual affairs with a 14 year old girl. The author also helped people know how greatly these events impacted the girl. She was a smart girl with a strong ambition prior to the raping, but afterwards she dropped out of school, had many neurological diseases such as depression and post traumatic stress disorder, and was arrested numerous times due to possession of drugs (Jaquiss). Her life was completely ruined, yet she still looked up to Goldschmidt. ““I want to personally make sure you get shit for this,” she told Portland officer Clarence Lankis, according to his report. “Neil Goldschmidt is my best friend.”” (Jaquiss). Even though she said this, she still hired a lawyer in 1994. ““In cases where girls have been abused, they often don 't come forward until their 30s or…show more content…
As proven by Nigel Jaquiss, muckraking is still out there in the world. Muckraking does still exist in 2016 in newspapers as demonstrated by Nigel Jaquiss’s three-part Willamette Week expose titled, “The 30 year secret; A crime, a cover up, and the way it shaped Oregon.” “On May 6, he confessed” (Jaquiss) This article helped prove that Neil Goldschmidt raped a 14 year old girl for three years, and covered up the crime. This article also showed the long term effects of sexual assault, by showing how terrible the girl’s life way following the assault (Jaquiss). This article was a great way to expose Goldschmidt for what he had done, and it proved that he should not be someone that the people of Oregon look
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