Good Quotes For The Crucible

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1- Since they follow other peoples religion they had turn this new colony, the same as the one they came from
2- Everyone followed a religion, some didn’t and that’s where the witch-hunts years started, it was revenge because if someone didn’t like someone else they will put the blame on them.
3- Tituba- a slave
Abigail- she was a 17th year old orphan
Betty- Abigail’s cousin
4- There’s a lot of mysterious things that have happen like the way Ruth can’t speak and also how Putman lost babies which all of this can be sings that there is witchcraft in Salem.
5- Putman was hurt because to start his stepbrother received more money from his dad, then also he wanted his brother in law, James Bayley to become the next minister but was voted down.
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24- She wanted him to go and tell the authorities that the girls are lying about what happen
25- He actually knows what he has to do, but he does not want to get involve with all that will happen
26- A puppet
27- The evidence was that she confessed to witchcraft, the girls actually acted like if she was choking them to death
28- In case she actually goes back to church, that will make him further involved, but also he believes that the girls are lying
29- Because Elizabeth knows about what happen with John and Abby’s affair , also she believes that she want to take her place as John’s wife
30- He wanted to see if anyone on Proctor’s house were doing any suspicious activities on which would involve them with witchcraft
31- They are a lot of things going on with Proctor’s to start he has not been to church like he use too and then also his youngest son has not been baptized
32- If the bible says they are witches then she can’t dispute the bible
33- The dead of the babies of Goody Putman’s
34- He comes because he is going to arrest Elizabeth
35- To prove what Abigail had accused Elizabeth of sticking a needle on Abby’s stomach on which was on the puppet she had given her
36- She will confessed that both of them had an

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