Gospel Of Mark Syncretism Essay

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Syncretism Throughout The Gospel of Mark

Syncretism is defined as intertwining one 's beliefs together based on their rights and worship to become one new faith. Syncretism is a very touchy subject because it deals with religion. Based on the teachings of The Gospel of Mark, I argue that syncretism is very rare or even unheard of. To try to bring religion together without conflict is impractical. I argue this because syncretism was promoted so much in the Gospel of Mark in terms of bringing together the Jews and the Gentiles. Throughout this essay, I will expound on the key points of how syncretism was frowned up and caused confusion between the Jews and the Gentiles. According to The Gospel of Mark, the Jews and Gentiles tried to come together in terms of …show more content…

Many more situations took place that were caused by syncretism in the case of the Jews and the Gentiles because they did not want to deal with each other on any level at all. In The Gospel of Mark, it also discusses how the Jews considered the Gentiles to be very “unclean”, so that was another reason why syncretism caused a problem between them as well. Uncleanness in Jewish terms was defined as being not a part of or not belonging to the certain protocol or faith. the Jews thought the Gentiles were beneath them because they were considered as the less fortunate or poor throughout the city of Judea. Through the eyes of the disciple Paul, he seemed to very angry when it came down to the way that the Antioch Gentiles were treated by the Jews that worshipped and believed in the same God that they believed in. (Dunn 4) During this time, they were also rejected by their own leaders as well but Jesus still raised them from dead for this was right (Dunn

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