Grapes Of Wrath Muley Graves Character Analysis

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In The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, Muley Graves acted as a minor character, yet his life epitomized life during the 1930s. Muley Graves’ life appeared lonely and helpless. The bank evicted his family from their home, but Muley refused to leave, he remained stubborn as a mule. Muley says, “I ain’t a-goin’. My pa come here fifty years ago. An’ I ain't a-goin’” (60). He did not leave Oklahoma because he owned that land, his wife had their kids on that land, and his father worked hard to obtain that land from the Indians. During this time period, the man of the house made all of the decisions and kept the family standing; but in Muley’s situation, his wife left him and took the kids to California for a chance at a better life. Muley
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