Greed In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald explores the theme of greed through the characters' pursuit of wealth, power, and status. The author examines the damaging effects of avarice on people and society at large through symbolism and foreshadowing. In The Great Gatsby, symbolism depicts the characters' desires for material possessions and social standing. The history of the summer really starts on the evening I drove there to eat supper with the Tom Buchanans, as evidenced by the statement, "Across the courtesy bay the white palaces of fashionable East Egg glittered along the water." (Fitzgerald 8).
Explained: The "white palaces" of East Egg are used in this passage to represent the riches and luxury that the book's characters strive for. …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald employs foreshadowing to allude to The Great Gatsby's tragic conclusion. "So we continued driving through the cooling twilight toward death." (Fitzgerald 164). Explain how the phrase "drove on toward death" in this section foreshadows the novel's tragic conclusion. The term "death" implies that a terrible event is about to occur, and the phrase "cooling twilight" evokes a feeling of dread and unease. "They were reckless individuals, Tom and Daisy—they destroyed objects and living things before withdrawing into their wealth, their extreme recklessness, or whatever it was that held them together, and leaving others to clean up the mess they had created." (Fitzgerald 179). In this passage, Tom and Daisy are referred to as "careless people" who "smashed up things and creatures," which foreshadows the novel's tragic conclusion. Let other people handle the cleanup because the phrase "let other people clean up the mess" and the word "smashed" both imply that something will be destroyed. These instances of foreshadowing show how F. Scott Fitzgerald subtly suggests and cues readers to the tragic conclusion of The Great Gatsby. This method of foreshadowing is how Fitzgerald builds the tension and suspense that keeps readers interested and involved in the

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